Software Quality Metrics
“You cannot control what you cannot measure” ~ Tom DeMarco, 1982

As we know metrics by themselves do not control or improve anything. Metrics give insights for planning, managing, and a basis for objective communications. Without quantitative analysis it tough to make new decision, estimations, predictions or planning for projects.

Key Quality Metrics we recommend tracking –

• Requirements Traceability Metrics
• Defects fixing rate
• Defects Age
• Defects found by customer vs. internal team
• Defect Arrival Rate Trend
• Defects found by priority
• Open vs. closed defects
• Defects density (defects/KLOC) number of line of code
• Requirements Traceability Metrics
• Testing progress report

This is why we need quality metrics. As we can tell by looking at the above trend Project A is in very good shape where Project B is going south.