QA Activities
“Quality is defined as the essential character of something, an inherent of distinguishing character, degree or grade of excellence.”
~ Webster’s Dictionary

“Providing quality products and services is all about meeting customer requirements. It’s all about meeting the needs and expectations of customers.” ~ ISO 9000

We believe in total Quality Assurance (QA). That’s why our testers are treated as our first customer for anything we release to production/clients. Just finding defects is not our goal. Our goal is to keep our customer happy. Even though we are not a non profit organization but making money from our customer is not our goal. Anything we build or any software support we provide end goal is to see the smileyJ face in our customer. Quality Assurance is ongoing throughout the organization to ensure compliance. At the project level, Quality Assurance begins in the early phases in order to establish plans, processes, standards and procedures that add value and satisfy the requirements of the project and the organizational policies.